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Here’s tonight’s recommended light reading.  Because ministers sometimes need a break from theology.

Daredevil Yellow Loeb

Jeph Loeb. Daredevil: Yellow.  New York, NY: Marvel Publishing Incorporated, December 17th, 2008. 168 pp.

This is my first time reading about the superhero known as Daredevil and I enjoyed it.  What prompted me to read this work is because of the name of the writer and the artist whom I enjoyed seeing their previous works on Batman.  I really like the storytelling ability of author Jeph Loeb and also the artistic presentation of Tim Sale whose drawing and colors are believable compared to some comics about superheroes while he also masterfully gives us colors and facial expression of character that is complex and beautifully gives us an overall noir-like vibe.



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Why Meditating on Christ Helps Us Fight Sin

Last week I wrote a post titled “How does the biblical doctrines of Christology help us have a more godly marriage?”  Of course studying Christ will impact all areas of the Christian life and not just marriage.  It has never ceased to amaze me how meditating and studying Christ have produced godliness in the lives of believers.  This is the case because the person and works of Christ become powerful motivations for the Christian fighting against sin.

Concerning my previous mentioned post, I realize sometimes people find some of my posts are too long to read at the moment.  So here’s a a witty ditty for your theology.  Or more precisely, here’s a witty ditty for your memory that hopefully remind you why meditating on Christ helps you fight against sin.  Are you ready for it?  Here it is:


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