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This is a guest post from Pastor Shaun Marksbury.  He blogs over at Gospel Living.


Sometimes, it’s easy to identify the wolves in our midst. Bells and buzzers everywhere should resound if someone next Sunday says, “The gospel message has been wrong for these past two millennia, but I have the real deal.” Thank you, but I think you want the Mormon ward down the street.

Even so, when Jude talks about wolves who have sneaked into the church, doctrine is not the only test he gives. In fact, it is possible for someone to espouse correct theology while being, in fact, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Just as wolves may listen to Kenneth Copeland or Joyce Meyer, they also might have the MacArthur New Testament Commentary Series on their shelves. Those will be the harder cases to identify, and Jude helps us with these, as well.

So, here are seven markers of a wolf outside of poor theology. Obviously, we’ll have some overlap here.


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