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Undemocratic Jay Sekulow

Jay Sekulow. Undemocratic: How Unelected, Unaccountable Bureaucrats Are Stealing Your Liberty and Freedom.   Brentwood, Tennessee: Howard Books, May 19th, 2015. 289 pp.

This book is about the problem with the bureaucracy of the Federal Government and how unaccountable that have become in today’s government.  The book is written by Jay Sekulow who is probably best known to most people for his radio show “Jay Sekulow Live!” and as the Chief Counsel with the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ, not to be confused with the ACLU).  In this book he documents the frightening abuse and mismanagement of bureaucrats who sets their own agenda contrary to the other three branch of government and the will of the American people.


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Huff Po Jesus predicted Muhammad Veritas Domain show it is a lie

We just completed our four part series refuting Huffington Post’s religion piece titled “Did Jesus Predict Muhammad?”  Huffington Post has a big readership and they needed to be answered.

Here are the four posts to this series:

  1. Part 4: Mopping Up Remaining Fallacies

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For your Spurgeon fixing…

The Blood of the Lamb the conquering weapon

Charles H. Spurgeon. Blood of the Lamb : The Conquering Weapon.  Pensacola, FL: Chapel Library, September 11th, 2014. 23 pp.

This is an adaptation from an 1888 sermon by the famous preacher Charles Spurgeon.  Spurgeon’s message is based upon Revelation 12:11.  This sermon is about how the blood of Jesus Christ is the believers’ spiritual weapon.  This booklet is broken down into two points with the first being what this conquering weapon is and the second point being how to apply the blood of Christ in one’s spiritual battle with Satan.  The second part was practical while the first point pretty much is driven by the truth of the Gospel of what Christ has done through His blood.  I found this to be an edifying read and used this to read with another brother together.  I believe others will find this to be edifying as well.

Chapel Library has this work for free in various electronic format if you click HERE.

If you really want to purchase this for your Kindle Device through Amazon for a cheap cost, click HERE.

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Here are links related to Presuppositional Apologetics gathered between June 15th-21st, 2016.

1.) Transcendental argument

2.) The Case Against Atheism: Atheism Fails Because of What It Is

3.) Scapegoating Christians

4.) Thomistic Irony

5.) Some Reasons Why Atheism is Logically Incoherent

6.) Reformed Forum: The Trinity and Christian Paradox

7.) I Wrote This for You!


Missed the last round up?  Check out the re-blogged post from a friend OR that of Another REBLOG HERE

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I try not to post anything too personal on this blog but I felt compelled to ask you guys to pray for our church’s effort this weekend to reach those in our community with Vacation Bible School.  We want to reach our community and see people come to know the Lord and families to be discipled as a result of it.  This year seems to be a struggle with manpower and getting people to sign up.


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Music by Timothy Steele

Timothy H. Steele. Music.  Phillipsburg, NJ: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing, May 31st, 2016. 39 pp.

This is a booklet on a Christian worldview of the academic discipline of Chemistry that is part of the Faithful Learning Series published by Presbyterian and Reformed that provides an introductory look at various academic discipline from the perspective of the Christian worldview.  This particular work looks at the subject of the study of music and it is the fourth book I have read in this series.  Overall I am enjoying the series very much.


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Sometime today between 12 to 3 PM Pacific Standard Time our blog hit a new milestone: We now have had over one million views of our blog.

Thank you to all those who have read our posts, commented, reblogged and shared our materials via email and social media.  Our hope of all three bloggers is that God’s people would be edified and equipped to think more biblically and also for the lost to see an articulation of the Gospel and a Biblical worldview.  Of course I realize a big niche we fit in is the circle of Reformed believers and those who subscribe to Presuppositional apologetics but I think there’s been great fellowship with all kinds of believers here as well.

We hope the Lord would allow us to write more posts on here.

Here’s the top 10 posts of our blog that made up a good percentage of the million views:

Greg Bahnsen vs Gordon Stein Mp3

What is wrong with this argument?

How to Commit Suicide?

Christmas wish list in Presuppositional Christian Apologetics

Blowing down the House? Part V: Can Presuppositional Apologetics account for Christian diagreements?


Walter Martin Mp3

Dr. Barrick’s Sunday School Lessons on all of Psalms!

Ray Comfort’s “180” full movie released on Youtube!

Duggar Family 20th Child, and what the Secular leftist’s response tells about their inconsistent morality

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