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This is a fascinating documentary on radical Muslims in the United Kingdom.

Somethings to take away from it:

  • I don’t think Islam is necessarily peaceful contrary to liberal and progressive narratives.  At the same time I don’t think most Muslims are violent.
  • Here in the video we see that even among Muslims, the radicals are a minority and some Muslims react very negatively to these radicals and agitators.  I think we must never forget that not all Muslims are violent or terrorists.
  • Here we do see the danger of Muslims being radicalized through the internet.  I think Christian apologetics confronting radical Islam is very important probably more important than we realize.
  • The question again and again being posed by the journalist and people heckling them is the issue of whether or not they are aligned with ISIS.  I think the thing you see that these radical Muslims get is that it isn’t formal connection with ISIS that’s important, but the ideology and the propogation of those beliefs.  Any defeat of ISIS must include refuting the worldviews of these extremists.
  •  It’s not just enough to refute their worldview.  They need the Gospel.  They need to know their sins separates them from God and God’s wrath is against them.  However, nothing they do, or we can do by our own power, will save us from His coming wrath.  Only through Jesus Christ can we be saved!
  • You see these guys getting as close as possible to breaking the law and complain that they can’t have freedom of speech for what they say and blame the English system.  It strikes me as the same kind of behavior those who are abusive display: they say things and do things but always blame others.
  • Another observation of this video is that these guys have no room in their belief system for forgiveness.  It’s an eye for eye world.  I don’t think they understand where that would take them.  What a contrast to God’s grace, forgiveness and mercy.

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mop up

I believe that in my previous three posts in this series I have adequately refuted the main point from a piece from the Huffington Post titled “Did Jesus Predict Muhammad?”  This post is a “mop up” of some of the other fallacies the author committed in his attempt to argue that the Jesus prophecied about Muhammad.

One of the interesting argument that the writer gave is based upon 1 John 4:2.  I will quote 1 John 4:1-3 for context:

Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God; and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God; this is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you have heard that it is coming, and now it is already in the world.

The quotation comes from the NASB.

Here’s the guy’s argument:

The author of 1 John is especially worried about Docetic versions of Christianity that had developed denying that Jesus “came in the flesh”; in these versions of Christianity Jesus was not an actual human being but rather an angelic being that only appeared to be human. Such a version of Christianity, obviously, would have been quite disconnected from the actual teachings and values of Jesus of Nazareth and his earliest followers, who knew him as a real human being. It is worth noting that Muhammad meets these criteria insofar as the Qur’an affirms that Jesus is the Messiah and that he “came in the flesh.”

He thinks Muhammad meets the requirement of 1 John 4:2 that therefore makes Muhammad a true prophet.  Hm.


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As usual each Friday I try to post a review of weekend readings that pastors and others can read that serves as break from their spiritual readings.  Tonight’s book was one that was a great exercise of other parts of my mind.

The Insurgents David Petraeus by Fred Kaplan

Fred Kaplan. The Insurgents: David Petraeus and the Plot to Change the American Way of War.  New York, NY: Simon & Schuster, January 2nd, 2013. 432 pp.

What an amazing book.  I have so many good things to say.  But first a brief summary:  The author Fred Kaplan takes a look at the US Army’s wrestling with the idea and practice of counterinsurgency after the post-Vietnam era.  Kaplan makes the point that after the Vietnam War the leadership at the Pentagon never wanted to fight another counterinsurgency again.  Instead the military as a whole focused on the more traditional concept of warfare such as big tank battles, heavy artillery and mechanized heavy infantry.  A lot of this was due to the ongoing Cold War with the threat of Russia and the Eastern Bloc.  It was also what was most familiar to many of the Generals and Admirals.  But the collapse of the Soviet Union and the defeat of the fourth largest tank army during Desert Storm soon reduced the likelihood of the traditional warfare that the US wanted.  Unfortunately after Vietnam the Army has stopped thinking, teaching and training for counter-insurgency.  It didn’t even have a manual for that kind of warfare among its publications!  This book focuses primarily on how this mentality hurt the US military and also on the men and women who tried to change the Army’s way of fighting war.  It concentrate largely on the war in Iraq though it does give a brief look at Afghanistan.  Having recently read a number of books on military history I must say this book was one of the best military history nonfiction I read in the first half of 2016.


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robert santella abortion

You might have heard about this from social media.  If you haven’t heard about it you should know that Robert Santella is a dangerous abortionist.  If you found this page because you went to a search engine to find his name then I say it is God’s providence for you to read this.  For you to be warned.  Not just warned about seeking service from him (that is important). But also about the sin of abortion if you are thinking about murdering the preborn.  Repent and turn to Jesus and do not murder your child.

Recently Crossmap reported a news story titled “‘Demonic’: Abortionist Holds Scissors Near Pro-Lifer’s Throat While Yelling in His Face.”  I have the video embedded below and as you watch this short clip ask yourself about what would happen if this was reversed and a pro-lifer did this to a pro-abortionists; we would not hear the end of it from the Left leaning media.  But since this doesn’t help with the abortionists PR imagine we understand the silence.  Watch it:

Unprofessional to say the least.  Biblically, it is evil.  It’s more than just unprofessional, its wicked to threaten someone with instruments used to murder babies.  But really if one can kill innocent babies don’t be surprised at the level of possible depravity.  Pray for his repentance and that he turns to Christ.

It has also been officially documented that for decades he has been dangerous to his patients according to sources compiled from news article and medical board documents which I will provide below in this post.  Seeing how he still remain a doctor with the state of California there seems to be much truth to the claim that the abortion industry is the least regulated sector of the medical field.


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God’s Way of Peace by Horatius Bonar

Horatius Bonar. God’s Way of Peace.   Nisyros Publishers, September 20, 2014. 66 pp.

Horatius Bonar’s book is wonderful.  I was hooked even with the preface that talks about how some pursue religion and religious activities because they have to, but inside they have no peace.  Hence the title of this book, which Bonar explains from the Scripture God’s way of peace.

The first two chapters did an excellent job showing that our own efforts and works righteousness to self-justify ourselves with our own merits does not work in achieving peace from God.  It was very well argued.  I thought it was powerful to read Bonar’s point that if we trust in our works for justification, we actually don’t get any closer to assurance.  Rather instead of trusting in our works, Bonar in chapter three argues that we need to trust in God’s attributes, and Bonar states it so beautifully how God’s attributes are amazing and lovely.  For instance, God wishes and predestined sinners to come to salvation but yet does so in a way that beckons onwards towards him.


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Here are links related to Presuppositional Apologetics gathered between June 8th-14th, 2016.

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3.) Why We Should Argue About Worldview: A Reply to Jonathan Merritt.


5.) Love and Logic


7.) Honoring God Through Apologetics: An Interview with Sye Ten Bruggencate

8.) Jason Lisle in studio with #RedGraceRadio


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This is a Lutheran podcast show called “Sin Boldly Podcast” that has interviewed Presuppositionalist Sye Ten Bruggencate on apologetics’ methodology.  It is a little over an hour long.


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