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The Looming Tower Lawrence Wright

Lawrence Wright. The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11. New York, NY: Borzoi Book, August 8th 2006. 373 pp.

I knew I had to read this book after seeing many other books on counter-terrorism and radical Islam referenced this work.  There’s a reason why this book is cited often and mentioned in bibliographies: it is a well-researched book on the origins of Al Qaeda leading up to their attack on September 11th.  The author spent five years researching for the book which led the author to travel all over the world.


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Here are links conerning Presuppositional Apologetics’ gathered from July 1st-7th, 2016.

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2.) God Must Exist: All Proof and Truth Require God

3.) Sonny Hernandez on Presuppositional Apologetics

4.) Nazi lampshades

5.) A Progressive Feminist Didn’t Like How the Bible Describes God as a “He”


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