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Turkey coup

It seems right now there’s a lot of confusion concerning Turkey.

My concern isn’t necessarily with both the current president or the segment of the military in revolt.  My concern is whether there will be instability that as a result allows for the florish of radical Islam.  Don’t forget that the Islamic State touches the border with Turkey.  There’s a dangerous parallel with Syria.  Like Syria, Turkey has become the country in which foreign fighters make their way to Iraq for the jihadist adventure.  Like Syria, Turkey had some foreign radical Muslims not go all the way to Iraq but instead have stayed behind and cause problems.

The thing I’m fearful for is to see Turkey get more unstable and as a result bring instability not only to the region of the Middle East and the Islamic world, but threaten to spill over unto Europe with even more refugees and also a gateway for even more radicals.

Pray for Turkey.  Pray for the Gospel to advance in the midst of this.

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