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There’s a video that was loaded up by Red Grace Media a few days ago in which the host asked an atheist about atheism and the laws of logic:

Normally I don’t read the comment section of Youtube videos because of how much ignorance and trolls exists on there.  But there’s this one comment I want to briefly respond to:

‘How can you have logic and reason without God?’……..the obvious answer, ‘we have a brain that has evolved to be able to work things out logically and use reason’ [and we are not the only species that can do this by the way] So now lets ask this stupid question to an atheist and piss him off because it’s such a stupid question that you are sure to find at least one atheist that gets pissed at this stupid question…………. And then we can go ridicule atheism by making a YouTube video of it. Is religion really getting this desperate! 🙂


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