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Michael Weiss and Hassan Hassan. ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror.  New York, NY: Regan Arts, February 17th, 2015. 270 pp.

5 out of 5

This is the second book I have read on ISIS/Islamic State.  I have previously read Black Flag.  I appreciated this present work that details to the readers further insight into the Islamic State.  The two authors definitely has done their research and while the future will no doubt have more scholarly books analyzing ISIS with more information this book is quite helpful at the moment given how little book length treatment currently exists on ISIS.  I think this work would still be important even in the future among the collection of works that paved the way in terms of analyzing ISIS.  Both authors are journalists who among other things contribute to the periodical Foreign Policy.  Their background no doubt is helpful. The book essentially traces the history of how Al Qaeda in Iraq evolved into the Islamic state.  The main question that the book focuses on is how is an insurgency group that at one time was as a “junior varsity” among terrorist’s organization eventually became its own self-proclaimed state.


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