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Sometimes there’s those weeks where so many things happen all at once for the Pastor during the week.  Church members who are sick, believers who need rides, late night calls, evangelistic contacts happen, others outside of churches want to meet up with you and the business of the weekly routine of Bible studies during the week, studying and pastoral visitations.  So much happens it cuts into your Sunday sermon prep.  And its truly not because of laziness because everything else is done well during the week.  You are tired.  You are exhausted.  You have been around people with problems all week long but they don’t know…that Sunday’s coming.

But then sometimes its all these things during the week that prepare the preacher for the sermon on Sunday.  It prepares him to be pastoral.  To be practical.  To be doctrinal but in a way that desires others to also see the glory of God as it is unfolded.  To be tired and beaten up like the rest of the body of Christ during the week, lest we become like the condescending preacher Mr. Collins from Pride and Prejudice.  It makes us rely on the Spirit and his grace.

Preachers if tomorrow is one of those rare Sundays, pray for His grace and His mercy.

Give it your all.  Because He is worthy.  Because your people need it.  Because you need it.  Preach the Gospel and apply its truth like its the last sermon you will ever preach and preach it prayerfully.

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