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Another weekend light reading review.  Why?  Because even pastors need a mental break…batman-hush

Jeph Loeb.  Batman: Hush. New York, NY: DC Comics, August 18th, 2009. 320 pp.

4 out of 5

This was a fun read.  I do appreciate the writer Jeph Loeb for his storytelling in other comic books especially in BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN.  In fact I decided to read this book largely because of Jeph Loeb was the author.  I also appreciated the artist Jim Lee.  There’s a movie feel to the angles and dramatic poses of Batman.



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Mattis Nomination

When I was a young Marine at the age of 19 General Mattis was in charge of the Marines on the ground in Iraq.  I definitely felt he was our generation’s Patton back then.  Now he’s Trump’s nomination for Secretary of Defense.

There’s many stories circulating about General Mattis.  One that stood out the last few days is the story of when Mattis was a one star general taking the place of another Marine’s much dreaded holiday “duty.”  Here’s the account as given by someone in 2010:


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