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It’s Memorial Day Weekend.  If you are looking for some good books to read over the three day weekend here’s my recommendation from among all my readings of things military and military history between 2016-2017.  The only exception in the list is the first book which I read in 2013 but remains among the top book I think of when someone I think of a quality work.

I picked these books on the basis that they made me appreciate what those in the military have done.  Each book is linked to my original review.  Let me know which ones sound interesting to you or there are other books you would recommend!

We begin with the first one:

Review: Fearless: The Heroic Story of One Navy SEAL’s Sacrifice by Eric Blehm

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This is a story of a SEAL Team Six operator who is also a Christian man.  He was killed in action before the Bin Laden raid.  The story of his faith, his battle with sin and his courage is very moving.  As shared by the author at the end of the book Adam Brown’s life moved the author to reconsider Christianity.


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Two double standards I want to note.

I evangelize weekly on college campuses.  There’s been more than once where I had a conversation with a “Disingenuous Liberal” usually after a long conversation that makes the following assertion during different moments of the conversations:

It’s like they don’t notice the double standard.  Most of the time how the second premise (“Hitler is a Christian”) get brought up in the conversation is part of a moral objection against Christianity (“Christians have done a lot of evil in history!  Hitler was a Christian!”).  Of course that objection in of itself is not without its problems.  For instance I think those who make such a charge haven’t taken into consideration Hitler was a politician; we should study more carefully Hitler’s beliefs when he was a nobody and when he was in full power which often suggest’s Hitler’s more genuine beliefs when he was less susceptible to the need to appease people for their support.  A great book that explored Hitler’s worldview is the work Hitler’s Philosophers by Yvonne Sherratt.  Hitler is no Christian once one understand his worldview.  Ironically when some progressives hear Christians talk about radical Islam suddenly these terrorists aren’t true Muslims because Islam is peaceful and these “jihadists” are doing things that goes against the Quran.

Related to this is another double standard with “Disingenuous Liberals:”


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