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I finally got around to reviewing this awesome work for this Friday evening’s weekend leisure reading…why?  Because Pastors need mental breaks too…

Mark Waid.  Kingdom Come. New York, NY: DC Comics, October 1st, 1997. 231 pp.

5 out of 5

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Let me say in the beginning that in what follows in this review it will contain spoilers.

I read this graphic novel after this was recommended to me on my blog by Robert Jones.  I rarely begin any review of comics talking about the artwork (I’m more into the story than the artwork) but I must say Alex Ross has done an incredible work with the illustrations throughout the entire book.  The amount of attention to details was amazing especially for comics.  I love the complex facial expressions Ross was able to capture ranging from shock, being disturbed and anguished.  Again, incredible.  You even gain something by looking at what’s happening with the background.  I personally felt Ross’ artistic approach was that of Norman Rockwell but situated in the future and focused on superheroes.  I have always felt Rockwell’s art has a sense of realism of everyday life but one with a sense of direction that makes you think about us as persons in society; Ross’ work of art is like that but with even more realism in the sense that he captures that all n the world is not all right; it is filled with a streak of darkness, disappointments and despair.  In fact as I will later mention in the review knowing a bit of Rockwell might help us to interpret this work.


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What is a man and a woman?

This series of posts we will see seven truths derived from Genesis 1:26-28 concerning God’s creation of man and woman so that we would understand God’s design of manhood and womanhood for our lives today.

Last time we saw Truth # 1: God created both men and female and God has the authority to say what man and woman is supposed to be.

In this post we will look at point 2 and 3.


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