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Brother Vincent has nearly reblogged all of our posts over the past few years. I know he’s reblogged some of your blogs too.
Pray for him, his health and the hospital staff treating him.


Earlier in the week I started expierencing abdominal pain consistent with diverticulitis. My suspicions were confirmed yesterday, it is another bout of diverticulitis with a 4 centimeter abscess.

This marks the 3rd time this has happened, with a heart attack in between. Surgery is not an option at this point do to the abscess and the surgical tean cannot extract using a J.P. drain.

I won’t be exercising my awesome re-blogging skills 😎

Please pray for me and all the hospital staff treating me.

In Christ,


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It is Sunday!  I know teaching, preaching and ministering is not always easy.  Sometimes in faithful Gospel ministry there arises the following situation:

  • People hate you
  • People ostracize you
  • People insult you
  • People scorn your name as evil

We ought not to be surprised.  This is what Jesus said will happen in Luke 6:22 and will happen “for the sake of the Son of Man.

Yet in the next verse Jesus said “Be glad in that day and leap for joy” (Luke 6:23a).

What?  Why?  We don’t typically associate all those things happening as a reason to rejoice.  The reason Jesus gives is also a powerful motivation to continue ministry even when people persecute us in the second half of Luke 6:23:


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