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This is a guest post by Mike Warren.  His website can be found here.

In February a documentary film was released called “Is Genesis History?” that defends the historical accuracy of the book of Genesis from a literal, young-earth creationist perspective.  Paul Nelson was interviewed for the documentary.  He is a scholar at the Discovery Institute, the leading Intelligent Design (ID) organization.  He is one of the few young-earth creationists at the Institute.  But when he saw the completed work, he felt compelled to write a strong denunciation of the message that his interview seemed to convey.  In the article, “New Film Is Genesis History? Presents a False Dichotomy: I Dissent from My Role in It,”[i] Nelson says that his talk about the “conventional paradigm” and the “historical Genesis paradigm” included in the film after some editing presented a false dichotomy between the young-earth creationist view and all the other views of origins.  I have addressed the epistemological problems with the ID movement’s disregard for the Bible in an essay published in the Journal of Creation,[ii] but Nelson’s protest over the film is an appropriate time to revisit the issue and focus on his particular argument.


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