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This is the video of Christian apologist Nabeel Quershi’s funeral.

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Someone was asking me about this book and I thought I had a review of this work on the blog but somehow I haven’t posted it!

Richard Pratt. Every Thought Captive.  Phillipsburg, NJ: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing, August 1st 1979. 142 pp.

4 out of 5

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This book was written by Richard Pratt, the Old Testament professor out at Reformed Theological Seminary. Quite the well rounded professor, he wrote this work when he was much younger, for the purpose of training young Christians (high school age) in the defense of the Faith from a Van Tillian perspective. I appreciated Pratt’s effort of communicating Van Til’s school of apologetics in non-technical language. The thirteen lessons are perfect for sunday school material, and each lesson ends with several discussion questions. The book also has various drawings as visual aids, a plus for those who learn visually. The book also manage to critique popular non-Presuppositional apologetics in lesson nine, where Pratt provided a general yet gracious critique of Paul E. Little’s popular, “Why I Believe”. But the gist of the book was positive construction of the framework to engage in apologetics. The core of his apologetics methodology applied is found in lesson 11-13, and much of his attention is on the certainty-uncertainty dialectic found in the autonomous (what Pratt calls ‘independent’) man. The book close with an illustration of a hypothethical scenario of apologetics applied.

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