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In today’s world it is acceptable to bash on “Pharisees.”  It can even be cool and hip.

But as readers can tell from my earlier post titled “Are you a Pharisaical anti-Pharisee?” I am concerned for the direction and outcome of those who can be so zealous for attacking others as “Pharisees.”  With the previous post I specifically addressed how some who oppose “Pharisees” (whether real or imagined) can hypocritically and ironically be quite Pharisaical themselves.  In this current post I want to address another issue concerning the direction of those who are zealous in opposing “Pharisees.”

Please note that in the previous and this post I am not defending Pharisees or Phariseeism (what I mean by that is the idea that we can be self-righteous before God by our own works and that we can add more laws more higher than God’s laws).  Instead my intention is to point out possible blind-spots we can have of our own self in opposing Pharisees.  So here goes my second post…


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