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This month many Christians online are remembering God’s grace with the Reformation 500 years ago.  Here’s a neat resource to understand more of the Reformation.

Here is a series titled “Reformation Profiles”  It is taught by Stephen Nichols of Ligonier Ministries.

For those of you with Amazon Prime the good news is that it is made available for free!

Here’s the description from Ligonier Ministries:

A careful study of the history of the church prepares and equips its members to face the difficulties of its own day. Popular church historian and author, Stephen Nichols, embarks on this seven-part series to assist the church in understanding the solas of the Reformation and their place for the people of God in all ages.

To access this series on Amazon click HERE.

Don’t let the number of lectures intimidate you: They are all 24 minutes-25 minutes each except for the last one which is 10 minutes long.  I love the “bite size” way Ligonier Ministries presented this and other teaching series.

Here’s the break down of each lecture with a description and links to the individual videos:


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I was delayed in posting last weekend’s leisure reading review so here’s the review.  This is the latest Batman from DC Comics and officially it is released for the public today!

James Tynion IV.  Batman: Detective Comics, Volume 3: League of Shadows. Burbank, CA: DC Comics, October 10th 2017. 184 pp.

4 out of 5

Purchase: Amazon

DC Comics has several series on Batman running at the same time and Detective Comics is one of the longest running series not only in DC Comics’ history but also in comic history in general.  This volume collects Detective Comics issues #950-956.  Here it focuses on Batman fighting a villainous group called the League of Shadows.


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