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Judges 19 is a strange passage.  Yet it is in God’s Word.  So there’s a purpose God has for instructing us with it.  I’m convinced that the strange passages in Scriptures are passages that is worth our time studying more deeply to figure out what’s going on; and often when one dig more deeply there are gold in the passage.  I think of the example of Genesis 22 where Abraham was going to sacrifice his son Issac which you can check out a sermon here that puts in context of redemptive history and leave you worshipping God.

Similarly Judges 19 in its context teaches us some important truths about the darkness of man’s depravity.

A brother in my church shared me this wonderful message titled “You Didn’t Hear This One In Sunday School – The Levite & His Concubine.”  The preacher did a good job explaining the text.  Check out this sermon from Youtube:


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