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I thought I share my lesson plan for a series I’m doing where I’m teaching my daughters life science and also the wonder of God’s creation.  This is for kids ages 4-5.

Lesson 1: Introduction

Purpose: Introduction to Caterpillars for the following lessons.


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Here are the links related to Presuppositional apologetics gathered between November 8th-14, 2017.

1.) Silly Arguments from Atheists and Numerous Proofs for God

2.) Zondervan Video: Why Believe in God Despite Evil in the World? by Scott Oliphint

3.) Darwin Spectacles and Irrational Thinking

4.) Church Shooter Devin Patrick Kelley and Social Media Atheists

5.) Proof and Evidence Doesn’t Convince Some Rigid Atheists: Ho Hum

6.) C.S. Lewis’s Transcendental Argument for God

7.) Street Epistemology

8.) The Christian Worldview (2): Metaphysics (b)

9.) Video: Atheism Can’t Account for This! by John Lennox


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