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This is a guest post by our Twitter friend @SolaChristos.  While I am critical of much of today’s Evangelicalism in politics nevertheless I believe there are those who subscribe to Radical Two Kingdom Theology (“Escondido Theology”) that limit the Lordship of God.  Here’s a review of a book critiquing Escondido Theology.

Willem J Ouweneel. The World Is Christ’s – A Critique of Two-Kingdoms Theology. Publisher is Ezra Press. August 18, 2017. 399pp

5 out of 5

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Why Should You Care About This Book?

In the preface of the book, Dr. Ouwneel lays the groundwork for why an analysis of Two-Kingdoms theology is needed:

‘…there are questions such as: Must I, as a Christian, send my child to a Christian school, or is that not necessary, or is it even undesirable? I am a Christian and a politician; should my Christian convictions direct how I vote on bills, and should I even publicly explain my Christian convictions, or is that in fact biblically wrong? Can I, as a Christian, shop at stores that support anti-biblical actions? Should Christian work for a more Christian character of society, or would that be a basic error? Are there Christian ways of doing science, the arts, psychology, economics, or politics? Or is that just as silly as asking whether there is such a thing as Christian plumbing? By the way, does my church have any say in issues like these? Formally or morally?

Not so long ago, for many Christians the answers to these questions were relatively easy and self evident. They firmly believed that Jesus was Lord over all of their lives, and everything in life was ‘religious’, that is, involved their relationship with God…

Today, this picture has changed drastically. The revision began with Presbyterian theologian Meredith Kline, and other Presbyterian theologians at Westminster Seminary California (Escondido,CA) followed in his wake such as Michael Horton, Darryl Hart, and David VanDrunen…’

The truth of Scripture is a complex interwoven garment that will fray in many places if a single thread is removed. Ouweneel documents the overall damage to the garment and how many threads are affected by Two-Kingdoms theology.


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