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I will always remember the sermon from Pastor Sproul on the holiness of God from Isaiah 6. It was life-changing and shifted my perspective on the God who people are both terrified and fascinated with. His holiness drove me into insights on sin, justice, and grace that I was quite cognizant of but was not really challenged on to dig deeper. About eight years have passed–I still remember it.  Check out the series.  I pray that it will revive your heart: Holiness of God Series.

Now this man of God who was used to impact my life on the holiness of God is near the entrance of Heaven that far supersedes in splendor to the fictitious halls of Vahalla. As the Puritan prayers say, in Heaven,

“There is joy without sorrow,
comfort without suffering,
love without inconstancy,
rest without weariness.”

Though nowhere close to the magnitude of Moses’ departure, the passing of Dr. Sproul provides me with some small glimpse of the great mourning of Moses by the children of Israel.  The leader who led them out of the bondage of slavery was no longer with them.  Moses was there when giants and enemies roamed the ancient and frightening land.  When he went to glory,  he left a lasting legacy for the children of Israel.  A legacy that pointed the people to the eternal God.  In the 21st century for me, Dr. Sproul was a titanic figure in evangelicalism.  He was an astute reformed theological sage that helped mined systematic theology, the character of God, and the doctrine of justification for so many.  He fought vigorously for the Gospel and denounced the 1994 ecumenical document signed by leading Evangelical and Roman Catholic scholars in the United States.  He saw it as a compromise.  See more here: A Tribute to My Friend. Although he is gone, his legacy is still imprinted.

Once the tears dry-up, I pray that the memories of this slave of Christ will drive others to look to Christ whom Pastor Sproul love to point people to.

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