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Yesterday I posted “Videos: Introduction to Biblical Theology With Thomas Schreiner” and a comment from Bruce was about what I thought of the lectures.  I personally thought the Seminary gave Dr. Thomas Schreiner a tall order: Surveying the whole Bible in about 15 hours or so.  I also commented to Bruce that it is not easy to do a survey of the whole Bible.

It made me think tangent to another series.  The following audio messages and links to the PDF below is a survey of only the first five books in the Bible.  The first five books of the Bible is often known as the Law of Moses or the Pentateuch.

I share these even though it is by a “no name” preacher is because I enjoy surveys of books in the Bible that work to connect each book to the greater story line and redemptive history.  The end of each message tries to connect to the flow of God’s promise plan.  Of course connecting it to the flow of the Canon of Scripture allows us to walk to Jesus.

Enjoy the messages!


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