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Note: This is the third installment of a seven part series we will feature on Sunday on the important topic of a Christian Theology of Health by Dr. Joshua Trock.  His Twitter account can be found here.

 Rather train yourself for godliness; for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way…” 1 Tim 4:7-8 

The Theology of Exercise 

By Dr Joshua Trock 

“I need to exercise!” How often have you said that to yourself recently? Why do you feel the need to say that? Or maybe, if you haven’t pondered the desire to exercise, have you found yourself lamenting the fact that you can’t physically do as much as you used to or want to? Maybe you don’t have the energy or physical function to play with your kids or fully commit yourself to a church service project. We all have an idea of what our optimal function should be but unfortunately for most of us, the optimal is not our normal. We all naturally realize that God has created us to have a physical communion and interact with His creation in a very meaningful and material way, yet, how high of a priority to we place on realizing that? My hope and prayer today is that you will discover a deeper theological motivation to consider the benefits of exercise both in a physical and a spiritual context.  


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