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A weekend nonfiction reading review…because even pastors need a break from heavy theological reading!

Peter Ackroyd.  Alfred Hitchcock. London, UK: Chatto & Windus, April 2nd 2015. 279 pp.

4 out of 5

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This is a biography on the famous movie director Alfred Hitchcock.  More than other directors Hitchcock himself at times was more of the “star” of his films with the prestige of his directing than the actors who played in his movie.  Even after decades following his death Hitchcock’s films are classics and Hitchcock’s silhouette is instantly recognizable by people today.  So to read this biography of him is a treat.



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Point: Some Christians engage in apologetics in a piecemeal fashion.  They give evidence here and there.  They refute an objection here and there.  They might not realize the importance of Presuppositional apologetics with its emphasis of going beyond the individual sparring of the skeptics’ objection and instead pursue refutations of the opponent’s worldview at the level of presuppositions.  How can you illustrate the importance of refuting an opponent’s worldview?


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