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As a Pastor I’m always ministering to people in trials.  Sometimes it seems like the Lord is not answering prayers the way we want it to be resolved which leaves one wondering if God is working.

A recent thought came to mind that I wanted to write and spell out.


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Here are the links related to Presuppositional apologetics gathered between February 8th-14th, 2018.

1.) New Presuppositional Apologetics Books

2.) Apologetics Sermon Illustration #46: Refuting Presuppositions and Handling ISIS Drones


4.) Genetic Tampering, Ethics, and Evolution

5.) Even Doubt Requires God’s Existence

6.) Discussion Guide: The Ultimate Proof of Creation Chapter 6

7.) Cornelius Van Til Sale

8.) Here I opened wide the door, darkness there and nothing more

9.) Book Review: Christian Theistic Evidences by Cornelius Van Til


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