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This is a Christian children’s book that I picked up from the Shepherd’s Conference.  Unlike my younger unmarried days ten years ago in which the first book I read from my pile of purchased books from the Conference it isn’t a book on systematic theology, apologetics or ministry.  Now it’s a children’s book to my daughters!

Kevin DeYoung. The Biggest Story ABC.  Wheaton, IL: Crossway, August 31st 2017.  32 pp.

4 out of 5

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This is a children’s book written by Christian pastor, theological professor and Christian writer Kevin DeYoung.  DeYoung is probably better known for his works for an adult Christian general audience.  This is what I believe his second children’s book and he brings his writing skill to share biblical truths in a way that is accessible to his specific audience which in this instance is for children ages 1 to 3.


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