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It has been a while but here’s a weekend comic book review…because even pastors need a break from heavy theological reading!

Rob Liefeld.  Grifter, Volume 2: New Found Power. New York, NY: DC Comics, May 28th 2013. 208 pp.

3 out of 5

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This is volume two on the superhero known as the “Grifter.”  I have previously read and gave a positive review for volume one.  This second volume was not as good as the first volume; in fact it kind of died down.  The story is a continuation from the previous volume.  This book collects issues #0 and #9-16.



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When asked what books Christian apologists should read the average Christian would think of works like Josh McDowell’s Evidence That Demands A Verdict and other books by popular Christian apologists such as Ravi Zacharias, J. Warner Wallace, William Lane Craig, etc.  Works on Christian apologetics have their place.  But Christian apologists should also read more broadly works covering other areas of the Christian intellectual life and the Christian life in general.  One such area that Christian apologists should consider reading works on is biblical counseling.



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