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Desmond Alexander. The City of God and the Goal of Creation. Wheaton, IL: Crossway, January 31st 2018.  190 pp.

5 out of 5

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This is the third book I read from the “Short Studies in Biblical Theology” series published by Crossway.  I have immensely enjoyed the other two volumes that I read from this series (see Review: Work and Our Labor in the Lord and Review: Marriage and the Mystery of the Gospel) and this work is no different.  This present work explores the theme of “the city of God” in the Bible, namely Jerusalem but it also explores the city of God in light of its antithesis: The City of Man, namely Babylon.  This is an excellent work on a biblical theology that gives us a biblical “tale of two cities” stretching from Genesis to Revelation that is at once exciting, edifying and relevant since these two cities are capitals of two groups of people in this world with one under God and the other in rebellion against God.  If you think you know the Word of God and yet you are unable to see a unifying theme from Genesis to Revelation in the Bible you would find this book very helpful.  Even for readers who have a deeper grasp of biblical theology would enjoy this work.


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