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Here are links related to Presuppositional apologetics gathered between April 1st-7th, 2018.  Enjoy!

1.) New Atheism: A Fool’s Errand

2.) Apologetics and Worldview Lectures: An Introduction by Paul Henebury

3.) Review: ‘Van Til’s Apologetic’ – 1.2 and 1.3 (part ONE of two)

4.) Motive: Uncovering the Primal Rebellion in Atheism (Free eBook!)

5.) Cross & Crown Radio Show: Science Requires God

6.) Series on Logic – Straw Man Fallacy

7.) The New Trans Challenge

8.) As it turn out, atheists believe in fairy tales after all

9.) The alt white

10.) The Self-Refuting Religious Troll name Hillary L Hunt


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