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This is a must listen to podcast from my brother Darrell  B. Harrison.  You can listen to it here: JT 23 ‘MLK 50 Conference’ – Just Thinking Podcast.

Here are some notes I took down that maybe of help:

  • The conference was condescending and divisive.
  • Liberation theology, critical race theory, and cultural Marxism are driving the narrative for racial reconciliation.  These terms need to be defined because discernment is lacking.
  • Folks are treating MLK Jr. as someone who died in Golgotha rather than in the hotel.  Not trying to be facetious but folks are treating him as the moral figure to be looked upon for morality.  The concerning degree we are seeing is that folks are emphasizing the priority of moralism rather regeneration.
  • Language without context is gibberish.  Terms need to be defined.
  • White guilt trip needs to stop.  What more do you want these white pastors to say that Jesus has not already said? Sin by proxy is what we are seeing with this white guilt narrative.  Whites are being accused for sins that they did not commit or condoned.  But since you look like them we are going to impart their sin to you by proxy.  So now you are a transgressor by skin color.
  • Someone can use the same word but not mean the same thing.  So the use of justice differs from others.  For example, Surah 16:90 from the Koran uses justice too.  If justice is what maters then why not follow the Koran equally to what the Bible says?  You can’t have a concept of justice apart from objective and absolute standard.  Biblical justice not only deals with outward manifestation of equity and fairness but a fruit of heart regeneration, or to put it succinctly: salvation.  For the Koran, justice is moralism that is apart from salvation.  Psalm 89:14, ” Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne; Lovingkindness and truth go before You.”
  • There are folks out there expecting people to practice this righteousness all the time which they can’t.
  • Behavioral eisegesis or soteriological eisegesis is arrogant.  My sins were nailed to the cross but yours were not is what is being seen here.
  • There is a double-standard when it comes to sin of racism being played out as the narrative from MLK50.
  • So many people preaching freedom from white man’s oppression, structural oppression, institutional oppression, social injustices, rather than from the kingdom of darkness.



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