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This is a late post today since I’ve been chasing all kinds of details researching for a post refuting an alleged Bible contradiction all night but I realize I had to go to sleep.  It’s a more difficult one and I had to sleep on it, even dream about doing Greek translation!  I’m still not done but Lord willing I will post it tommorow.  But that goe me thinking about appreciating other apologists who produce volumes of materials in defense of the faith.

For those interested in apologetics in defense of the faith concerning Islam, the Old Testament, Messianic prophecies and the Trinity, Sam Shamoun is someone you should remember.  He’s written quite a lot of materials on these subjects over the years and they are free.  He’s also engage in debates that you can find online such as Youtube and we have featured some of his debates as resources on our blog in the past.  He’s an apologist worth financially supporting by the way which you can do here.

Here’s a series of posts Sam has written concerning the question “Is Jesus God’s Servant or Son?”  Enjoy the links below!


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