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This is part 6 of our critique of Rachel Held Evans’ book titled Inspired.  Here are the previous posts in this series:

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In this post we will look at chapter 4 of the book.



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For today’s post we will tackle the question the Skeptic Annotated Bible asked: How long did Jehoash reign?

Here are the two answers which the skeptic believes indicate a Bible contradiction:

40 years

In the seventh year of Jehu, Jehoash became king, and he reigned forty years in Jerusalem; and his mother’s name was Zibiah of Beersheba..” (2 Kings 12:1)

16 years

In the thirty-seventh year of Joash king of Judah, Jehoash the son of Jehoahaz became king over Israel in Samaria, and reigned sixteen years.” (2 Kings 13:10)

(All Scriptural quotation comes from the New American Standard Bible)

Here’s a closer look at whether or not there is a contradiction:


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12 years ago three guys started this blog.  For some of the newer readers yes there’s actually two other guys besides myself who blog here.  Check out our About Us page though that needs to be updated.

I was a much younger man when we began this blog.  I think I’ve grown a bit since then.

This anniversary is also near our recent Blog Milestone of 1.4 Million Views.

I think it might be a good reminder for readers who are interested to know that later this Fall I’ll be looking for others who want to write guest post for this blog.  Check out Want to Write a Guest Posts for Our Blog for Fall 2018?

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Here are links related to Presuppositional apologetics gathered between September 15th-21st, 2018.

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3.) God’s Self-Revelation

4.) Answering Skeptics with Len Pettis


6.) Babylon Bee: Atheist Vows To Live Without Any Scientific Advancements Made By Christians, Dies


Missed the last round up?  Check out the re-blogged post from a friend or here or here

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In life we will face many disappointments.  Yet how are Christians to deal with disappointment?


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Joby Warrick. Red Famine: Stalin’s War on Ukraine.  New York, NY: Doubleday, October 10th 2017.  496 pp.

5 out of 5

Purchase: Amazon

This is not an easy book to read.  But it is important to read, know and understand Stalin’s Soviet policies against Ukraine.  Not just the man made famine that Stalin caused with his policies but also the various means of oppression that the Communists implemented against Ukraine.  The book was at many times shocking to read.  In an age where some think a government controlled economy is a good thing this was a jolting reminder that the government is not omniscient and statism hurts real people.  Just yesterday I was having a discussion with someone in a college campus and the student went on a tangent to talk about how being in the Soviet Union is better than being in America today.  I immediately thought of this book that I just finished and how frightening some of the ideologies and fake history being touted around today in universities.


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About to go evangelize.  If you read this, pray for us!

Here’s a witty ditty about witnessing and the Great Commission:


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