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Paul David Tripp. Marriage: Whose Dream?.  Phillipsburg, NJ: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing, September 1st 1999. 17 pp.

5 out of 5

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This biblical counseling booklet addresses the issue of marriage and people’s hopes and dreams of marriage. It is a part of a series called “Resources for Changing Lives” printed by Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing. I highly recommend this booklet and also others booklet in the series since I have found them very beneficial for my own personal spiritual growth and also as a counseling and discipleship resource in pastoral ministry. For this particular title I read this along with others in our church small group. I think this booklet is ideal as part of pre-marital counseling, biblical counseling for those going through difficulties in marriage and even for those who are single who are not yet married but as something to work through concerning one’s dream and expectation of marriage.


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I’ve been posting later in the day than super early morning of the day since my internet has been down the last two late nights for some reason.  So here goes today’s post!

This is from my daily Greek exercise of sight reading here many months ago, courtesy of Vincent S Artale Jr.

Our text is from the Greek translation of Colossians 3:4.  Here is my translation:

“SENTENCE 4 [LD ὅταν [TP ὁ Χριστὸς TP] φανερωθῇ ‹ ἡ ζωὴ ὑμῶν › LD] [TM τότε
When Christ is revealed, your life therefore

TM] ‹+ καὶ ὑμεῖς +› σὺν αὐτῷ φανερωθήσεσθε ἐν δόξῃ”
you also with Him will be revealed in glory

Here are some observations:


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I couldn’t write a post last night as I was busy editing through my messages I will be teaching overseas.  For me the preparation for every one of these overseas teaching trip always feel like I’m writing another Master’s Thesis.  If you feel led, continue to pray for the preparation and the trip itself as I’m in my final few weeks of preparation.

For those who submitted guest post thank you so much!  I will eventually get around to contacting you and figure out what day when I will be scheduling your posts to appear.

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Here are links on Presuppositional apologetics or links that would be interesting to those who are into Presuppositional apologetics from around the world wide web! They are gathered from October 15th-21st, 2018.

1.) Wow! Atheism Undercuts Itself

2.) Bible Contradiction? Was Zechariah Iddo’s son or grandson?

3.) Eric Hernandez on Presuppositionalism

4.) Jesus In the Tabernacle : Series Overview

5.) Should Christians Partake in Formal Debates About God?

6.) A Response to Josh Sommer

7.) The view from the prison cell

8.) John Frame: 8 Major Tenets of Christian Thought



Missed the last round up?  Check out the re-blogged post from a friend OR that of Another REBLOG HERE

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A Sunday post on Church membership.

For the purpose of this post I use the term faithfulness and commitment interchangeably.

Are you a committed church member?


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Dan S. Lloyd. Leading Today’s Funerals: A Pastoral Guide for Improving Bereavement Ministry. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, October 1st 1997. 126 pp.

4 out of 5

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I read the kindle version of this book in preparation for my first funeral that I will be doing as a pastor.  I had to read this pretty quick given the situation.  I am glad I did as it was helpful.  I read this work and took lots of notes from it.  This was a book that I wished I read in seminary.


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A weekend comic book review, because sometimes even Pastors need a break from heavy theological reading.

Tom King.  Batman Volume 6: Bride or Burglar. Burbank, CA: DC Comics, December 19th 2017. 168 pp.

3 out of 5

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This is the sixth trade paperback volume in the DC Comics’ Rebirth reboot series on Batman.  The book collects issues #38-43.  This particular volume gives us three stories that feature Batman but also Catwoman by his side, whether in a small role or a larger role.


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