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I somehow forgot to make a table of contents for the discussion guide but putting it up now.

Below are links to posts with questions that might be helpful for individuals and small groups to facilitate discussions and learning based upon the apologetics’ book “Ultimate Proof of Creation” by Jason Lisle.  It is a book that teaches Presuppositional apologetics that engages apologetics at the level of worldview.  Cornelius Van Til was instrumental in beginning this form of apologetics and others have developed and applied it.  I recommend this book and you can read my   At this time I think this is THE book that I would recommend as an introduction to Presuppositional Apologetics.

For discussion guides based upon chapters click on the following:


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This is part three of a five part Christian Home School Lesson Series for first graders on plants that aims to fulfill the Science Content Standards from the California Department of Education.


Lesson 3: Photosynthesis


Purpose: To explore and know more about God’s work of plant’s photosynthesis


Book(s) read:

Molly Bang’s Living Sunlight.



Other tools:





Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn general knowledge about photosynthesis.
  2. Learn the vocabulary concerning photosynthesis.
  3. Illustrate what is learned in this lesson about photosynthesis.
  4. Learn a spiritual lesson concerning God’s creation of plant.


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