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I guess I forgot to write a review for this book (sorta)…

Rachel Held Evans. Inspired.  Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishing Company, June 12th 2018.  236 pp.

0 out of 5

While I struggled to pick the best book I read in 2018 since there were so many runner up yet it was easy for me to decide what was the worst book I read in 2018.  Rachel Held Evan’s Inspired was the worst.  Probably not just for 2018 but it would be among the worst book I have ever read.  I’m not a downer who review all books negatively; my reviews and ratings bear that out.  But this was a really badly argued book.  The titled should have been uninspired.  It would make for a great text book of what logical fallacies one ought not commit.  I’m writing this review out a desire to warn others since I see this book is so popular.


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Happy New Year!

These are links gathered from December 22nd-31st, 2018 related to Presuppositional apologetics!  Enjoy!

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2.) The Ultimate Proof of Creation Discussion Guide: Table of Contents

3.) A response to a response to Frame’s presuppositionalism

4.) 2018’s Top 10 Post on Veritas Domain


6.) Composting human bodies


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