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Ken Ham and Cindy Malott. Answers Book for Kids Volume 2: Dinosaurs and the Flood of Noah.  Green Forest, AK: Master Books, July 30th 2008. 48 pp.

5 out of 5

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This is the second volume in the Answers Book for Kids series written by Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis and published by Master Books.  My kids and I enjoyed the first one enough to pick up the second volume.  This particular book focuses on Dinosaurs and the Flood of Noah.  Using a question and answer format the book responds to twenty two questions from kids.  Some of these questions are also questions that adults asks.  Ken Ham works with his co-author Cindy Malott to respond to these questions in a way that kids would be able to understand.


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This is a Christian Home School Lesson Series for first graders on the 50 United States.

I typically go over two states at a time since we teach our kids multiple subjects during the day and two states at a time seems to be enough.  However if one is teaching one subject at a time I think going over four states at a time would be just right.

Our series’ lesson plan will be in alphabetical order and go over four states at a time.

Are there any other interesting facts you would add for any of the states mentioned?  Feel free to leave a comment!


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