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    1. Our first session was on “Listening
    2. Our second session was on “Enjoy Communicating With Your Spouse

Establish the need: How do you talk to your spouse?

Purpose: Today we shall look at five points of Godly speech to help us communicate in a God-honoring matter with your spouse.

  1. We need to realize there are danger that comes with speaking
  2. We must guard our mouths
  3. We must speak truthfully
  4. We must speak to bless the other person
  5. We must be motivated by Christ in how we communicate to our spouse.


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These are links on Presuppositional apologetics’ gathered from January 22nd-31st, 2019.


1.) Lying and the Moral Proof for God

2.) Presuppositional Apologetics Sunday School Lessons by Michael Mock (2018)

3.) Worldview Consistency Flowchart

4.) Why This Podcast?  An episode of Urban Reformed

5.) The Bible Endorses Slavery

6.) Abortion, nihilism, and the limits of moral persuasion

7,) Calling for Writers! Guest Posts for our Blog Spring 2019

8.) It is Irrational to Demand Evidence For God

9.) Political mass suicide

10.) Ontology and Epistemology


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