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For today’s post we will tackle an issue from the “Rational Wiki” which has an entry under “Jacob.”  Its a wiki for those bent on skepticism and atheism.  Under the section “How to be a Good Christian™ according to Jacob'” they wrote “Jacob is truly the best role model for all Christian family value types, especially those looking for any “out” for all those misdeeds.”

Then the page gives a list of “virtues:”

  • Jacob has 2 wives (both cousins of his) and 2 lovers, and 12 kids. No wonder so many Christian leaders are confused about exactly how many women they should be making love to.
  • Jacob understands that lies done in the pursuit of the “greater good” (at least his own greater good) are acceptable; he lies in order to gain his father’s blessing and the land given to the first born. In a rather elaborate lie that could not just be discounted as “heat of the moment”, Jacob dresses in costume, disguises his voice, and begs for the blessing.
  • Jacob manipulates the market (that practice had to come from somewhere), by artificially changing the color of the skin of his favored sheep to look like unwanted weak sheep, and keeping them for himself and giving his father-in-law those of lesser quality, lying by saying they were the best of the lot.
  • Jacob has no problem manipulating people: First he convinces his mother to help with his lie to Isaac, his father, then he convinces his wife to steal for him, taking the family idols from his father-in-law’s home, bringing blessings to himself instead.

Obviously the above are not lists of Christian virtues for Christians to apply.  This is all stated to make the Bible sound absurd.

Here’s a closer look at whether or not there is an absurdity:


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