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Note: This is a guest post since presently I am overseas.  This is by Wally.  Wally is no stranger to some of you who read this blog.  His blog be found here.

The Resurrection of Jesus-Why it Matters

As with many other core doctrines of Historical Orthodox Christianity, the Doctrine of the Resurrection is under assault from many quarters. Obviously, atheists and humanists discount the account of the Resurrection just like they discount all other Biblical accounts of anything. We are not surprised by their disbelief at all, as it makes perfect sense from their worldview. Surprisingly, and more disturbingly, is the assault on the account of the Resurrection coming from supposedly “Christian” denominations and scholars. Sadly, even among the so-called Christian Church, the Resurrection is dismissed as not historically accurate, or as simply not key or important to core doctrines. Here are a couple of examples of so-called Christian theologians who promote a far less than literal account of the Resurrection.


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