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Ray Comfort. What Did Jesus Do?: A Call to Return to the Biblical Gospel.  Bartlesville, OK: Genesis Publishing Group, July 25th 2005. 176 pp.

5 out of 5

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This is a good book on how to evangelize.  This is written by Ray Comfort, who is quite an evangelist himself.  I love Ray Comfort’s own personal example of being an evangelist.  He wrote this book in an manner that is easy to understand and also practical.  Today’s contemporary church is often filled with bad doctrines and light on the Gospel so there’s a crisis with how Christians evangelize today in a manner that is unbiblical and unfaithful to God and the Gospel.  So this work is much needed.  I personally got this book as part of a discipleship tool with some of our guys in church to train them to think not only biblically about evangelism but to live it out.


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