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A weekend reading review…because sometimes Pastors need a break from heavy reading also.

Thomas Sowell.  Discrimination and Disparities. New York, NY: Basic Books, March 20th 2018. 192 pp.

5 out of 5

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Are you in need of a resource that economically fact check some of the claims of politicians’ and activists on the topic of discrimination and institutional racism and their proposed solution?  This book by Thomas Sowell does the job.  It’s a pretty balanced book and I enjoy the tone of how Sowell write.  I’ve seen some pretty slanderous reviews of this book online but after reading it myself I can’t help but to wonder if some of the people who say it’s really bad even read the book or understand what he’s saying.  Sowell is an African American economist who have spent decades researching, writing and teaching on the topic of economics.  No matter where you land on the political spectrum one should consider what Sowell has to say in this book and just like certain aspects of economics that seem counter-intuitive to our assumptions at first, readers will be challenged to think more clearly and more discerning with the claims of certain politicians’ solutions.


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