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We can know the words of the Old Testament Part 2

Review: Last week we saw four reasons why we can know the original words of the Old Testament

    1. Reason #1: God’s Word says the Word of God will endure forever
    2. Reason #2: The Old Testament was written down.
    3. Reason #3: Temple officials were intentional in checking the manuscripts
    4. Reason #4: Masora Finalis

Purpose: In this session we shall consider more reasons why we can believe why we can know the actual words of the Old Testament so that we will have faith in God’s Word being God’s Word.


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John Calvin. A Little Book on the Christian Life.  Sanford, FL: Reformation Trust Publishing, March 2nd 2017. 126 pp.

5 out of 5

Purchase: Westminster Amazon

Are you looking for a practical devotional that’s biblically sound and theologically driven?  This work titled A Little Book on the Christian Life might something worth considering.  My wife and I read this as our evening devotional and we found this an excellent work.  It is an extraction from the second edition of John Calvin’s classic work The Institute of the Christian religion that was originally a chapter titled “On the life of a Christian man” in the book but later throughout Protestant history it has been adapted as a stand-alone book on the Christian life.


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