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Sometime in the morning today between 7-9 AM Pacific Standard Time, we hit a new milestone for our blog Veritas Domain: We have 1.6 million total views.  That’s the total of view since our blog began in 2006 but with most of the hits taking place the last few years.

It was a little under 8 months ago we were at 1.5 million.

Thank you all for reading our blog, commenting and discussing things, reblogging, tweeting and sharing this on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterests) along with emailing posts we have written.  Over the years a big factor for our having so much views have been search engines and social media.  Hats off to you all.

Just like last time I want to say its not ultimately not about the numbers.  I hope our blog is able to equip and edify believers and evangelizes nonbelievers.

Feel free to look through our old posts which contain topics of Apologetics, Theology, the Bible, Christian worldview, Bible devotionals, history, Presuppositional apologetics (Cornelius Van Til, etc), response to alleged Bible contradictions, refutation of heresies, practical Christian living, biblical counseling outlines, book reviews, homeschool lessons for kids, lectures, sermons, links to free resources, interviews, etc.

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This latest round up has a lot more stuff than usual!

Here are the links related to Presuppositional Apologetics gathered between July 22nd-31st, 2019.

1.) Cave to the Cross Apologetics Show: Ep. 28 – How To Be An Atheist – Ch.7 – Arguing With Success – Part 1


3.) Cross & Crown Radio: Socrates vs. Jesus Christ


5.) Afterthought Episode 3 – Two Millennials Refute Postmodernism

6.) Introduction to Presuppositional Apologetics

7.) 100 things to do before you die

8.) We can know the words of the Old Testament Part 3

9.) Debate: Are There Sufficient Reasons for God’s Existence

10.) When Professing Christians Attack Biblical Creationists



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