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Handling Criticism in Marriage Part 1: Don’t defend yourself too quickly

Selected Scripture


Establish the Need: When your spouse criticize you, how do you respond?  Have you seen anyone who can’t handle criticism well and are too quick to defend themselves?  If so, what does it look like and do you think this trait of an individual help them handle criticism?  How do you think it affects the quality of their marriage and family?  Do you realize you need God’s help so that you don’t defend yourself too quickly when you face criticism?  If so this message is for you!


Purpose: In this session we want to consider some commands and perspectives from the Bible so that you won’t defend yourself too quickly in order to help us handle criticism biblically in our marriage.

  • You need to know God’s Commands that require you not to defend yourself too quickly
  • You need to have biblical perspectives to motivate yourself not to defend yourself too quickly


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