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Here are Presuppositional apologetics’ links gathered between August 15-21st, 2019.

1.) Cave to the Cross Show: Mitch Stokes Interview – How To Be An Atheist – Part 1

2.) Bible contradiction? Which tribe was Hyram from?

3.) Confronting Atheistic Worldviews

4.) Are UFOs, Aliens and Flying Saucers Real? Plus New Proof concerning God

5.) Pushing The Antithesis – Part 5 – Alternative Worldviews

6.) Life Has No Meaning? 9 in 10 Young People in the UK Believe That

7.) Evolution, Mathematics, and God

8.) Looking for Lay-Level Videos on the Origins of the NT Canon? Here’s My New @Ligonier Series

9.) Saturday Homeschooling Update: Apologetics, Gardening, and Books

10.) Gated gardens


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