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I know I love learning about the Bible, theology, apologetics and philosophy.  But the last few years I discover I love learning in many other academic sphere because of my beliefs of the Christian worldview, knowing that this is the world that God has created and allowed man to flourish with insights and understanding.

A great introduction to a Christian worldview of various academic sphere is The Faithful Learning series published by P&R Publishing (one of my favorite publishers).  They bring Christian scholars from their respective field and have them write about their discipline and they write it in a way that’s friendly to the general reader and yet also insightful of its relationship to the Christian faith!  One of the things I learned from reading Cornelius Van Til both directly and indirectly is the fact that this is God’s creation and a right interpretation of God’s creation involves His revelation of His Word and both are compatible and needed.

While looking up to find more of this series I discovered I actually finished the booklets in this series.  So here below are links to my review of the seven titles in this series.  I highly recommend them.



Jay D. Green. An Invitation to Academic Studies.  Phillipsburg, NJ: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing, July 14th, 2014. 36 pp.

Purchase: Westminster Amazon

The introduction to the series.  The author has a point in balancing between worldview foundation and actual knowledge and skill of the academic disciplines.  Link to my review here.


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