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These are links concerning Presuppositional apologetics or links that those interested in Presuppositional apologetics would be interested in that have been gathered from September 1st-7th, 2019.

1.) Want to Write a Guest Posts for Our Blog for Fall 2019?

2.) Cave to the Cross Ep. 35 – Jason Lisle Interview – Keeping Faith In An Age Of Reason

3.) Apologetics Sermon Illustration #52: Defining Contradiction and Dalmatian

4.) Reblogged: Answering Atheists with Dr. Jason Lisle (Pure Talk Interview)

5.) How To Answer The Fool

6.) Bible Contradiction? How many women came to the sepulchre?

7.) Moral without God

8.) Pushing The Antithesis – Part 6 – Worldviews in Collision

9.) FRANCIS SCHAEFFER ANALYZES ART AND CULTURE Part 283 Sir David Attenborough (Featured artist is Ellen Gallagher)

10.) Jason Lisle On How To Use Presuppositional Apologetics Appropriately – Interview

11.) The Unity of Knowledge

12.) Do We Use Evidence In Apologetics?


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