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Carrie Foldberg. Help! I’m in a Painful Marriage. Wapwallopen, PA: Shepherd Press, December 3rd 2018. 64 pp.

5 out of 5

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Are you in a difficult marriage or know someone who is in a painful marriage who can benefit from a booklet that would apply biblical counseling to the situation?  This work is a helpful resource; don’t underestimate its size!  It is the second title that I read from Shepherd Press’ “Lifeline Mini-books” series and thus far this series have really impressed me.

I read this and discussed it with my wife after she read it.  My wife pointed out to me that the author in the introduction mentioning her own struggle in her marriage was really helpful to build a bridge with any reader that might be going through marriage difficulties.  This is followed by four chapters in the book.  Chapter One is titled “Why Does My Marriage Hurt So Much?” and goes over what God’s design for marriage looks like.  Chapter two is about bringing Jesus into the picture of your marriage while chapter three explores further of how Jesus is our example in dealing with marriage pain.  Chapter four gives us more personal application.  After the conclusion the book also gives personal application projects that’s helpful for applications.

I really enjoyed the author’s call for readers to look towards Christ.  She also did a good job bringing verses to bear in a way that makes readers look towards God and Christ but also give hope.  This is a resource for someone in marriage difficulty but also for any married couple to read too.  I recommend it, and give this a five out of five.

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