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Note: This is a guest post since presently I am overseas.  This is by  Scott Sullivan. Scott is a slave to Christ and husband to his wife, Angie. He is an artist and writer, living in the beautiful countryside of Lancaster, PA,  where he wrote his first book diving into his life as an adoptee on a journey of faith, family, and belonging.. He can be found at: SullysBrain.com

When I wrote my first book, I began by talking about how I felt that I was born three times. The first was the day I came into this world. Then, just days after being born, I was adopted into a second family to be someone else’s son. It was as if, just three days after being born, I was born again into a new life with a new family.
My life was changed drastically when I became a son in a third family. I was born again, but this time, as a child of God. I put my faith in Jesus during my late twenties. As John wrote in the fourth gospel:


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