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God’s World and Word Part 1

Psalm 19


Purpose: In this Psalm we shall see two truths in response to God revealing Himself in both His World and His Word.

  • Appreciate God’s revelation in the world (v.1-6)
  • Appreciate God’s revelation in the Word (v.7-9)


Introductory matters

  • Hebrew verse 1 of Psalm 19 indicates that this is written by David: “For the choir director. A Psalm of David.
  • According to William Barrick Psalm 19 clearly divides into two halves:[1]
    • The name of God changes: El (once) in verses 1-6, Yahweh (Jehovah; 7 times) in verses 7-14.
    • The content changes: the World Book in verses 1-6, the Word Book in verses 7-13.
    • The length of lines changes: longer lines in verses 1-6, shorter lines in verses 7- 14.
    • The application or illustration changes: the sun in verses 4-6, the servant in verses 11-14.
  • Also Psalm 18 and Psalm 19 connects with related terms and phrases:[2]
    • Compare 18:30 (“The word of the LORD is tried”) with 19:7-9.
    • Blameless”/“Perfect” (18:23, 25, 30; 19:7, 13).
    • Rock” and “Deliverer”/“Redeemer” (18:1-2; 19:14).
  • Next week we will look at application from God’s revelation in the world and Word (v.10-14)


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